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Jenna: The literal definition of Jenna is white, pure, honest. She's extremely shy and quiet, and doesn't know how to initiate conversation. But once she gets to talking, she can be easy to get along with and befriend. Jenna is extremely caring and intelligent. Although her high IQ is easy to see, she has trouble finding the right thing to say and often feels bad for days after she says something she knows is wrong. However, Jenna has a good eye for details and can tell when someone is not feeling right and very often knows what is upsetting them. She tries very hard and often rises to be the best, though she doesn't make a big deal of it. Pressure gets to Jenna very easily and she always feels the need to be her absolute strongest; but a lot of times this wears her down and she'll need a shoulder to cry on. She is pretty in a special way, and isn't afraid to let her hair down. Jenna is honest and sincere, and something as simple as a smile from her can brighten up a room.
Jenna's constant laughing brought smiles to everyone's faces.

The only person to get a 100% on that Chem test was Jenna!

All he ever wanted was to have a girl like Jenna.
by N.E. Body March 29, 2012

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