3 definitions by N. Coburn

A fast moving, agile prod. (mainly aimed at the stomach area)
All of a sudden, James cobra striked Bennett in the Jibble-E
by N. Coburn July 07, 2006
1.a squishy, and jiggly man boob
2.the act of jiggling
3.the target used for a cobra strike.
1.Woah James, look at the Jibble-Es on Bennett.
2.Bennett is Jibbling his Jibble-Es.
3.Ha-Ha James just struck Bennett in the Jibble-E!!!
by N. Coburn July 07, 2006
A kid, teenager, or young adult.
Yo Dave check that yungbul and his mad hops.
by N. Coburn June 25, 2006

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