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Man Stand is a Man standing alone in many varied locations. A Man Stand is when a man wants to act casual while on the prowl, looking for a catch. He places both his hands in his pant pockets crossing his right leg over his left with his head tilted as if he were already waiting for his girlfriend to finish work. He actually doesn't have one. Also/ a Man Stand can be more than one man at the same time trying to check out woman walking by. A man stand can be anywhere in a public place including an elevator. You can usually observe a Man performing a Man Stand while in the mall. A man stand can also be found in any public place, bus station, grocery line or bank to name a few.
Two men standing together both having that stupid look on their face, making conversation about nothing simply saying/look at that one as their eyes roll from left to right keeping a straight face.
Sometimes found at a bar standing still with a drink in his had holding it up to his lips as if it were covering his eyes while gazing/ If he has his arms crossed and his legs spread then he is probably getting paid to watch at the door. Hey look at that Man Stand he is really good at it.
by N Iannitelli October 07, 2007

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