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When something is exportant, it give the significance to something else.

Important items bring the significance to themselves, as an import is brought to the country. Exportant items are like exports; they are given elsewhere.
Band class in middle school is not important at all, but it is exportant, however. It shows how significant the high school band is.
by N@y June 30, 2012
This is celebrated throughout the entire month of September. In this month all the girls and women out there can appreciate how hot guys are as much as they want, and no one will care except for themselves. A great month to stare at your crush all day.
Person 1: Uh... why are you staring at Nick?
Person 2: Didn't you know? It's guy hotness appreciation month! I can ogle him all I want all month.
by N@y September 24, 2011
A phrase used as an excuse to not say anything. Typically used to politely not talk to "friends" you actually don't want to be friends with.
Person 1: Why don't you ever talk to me anymore? Do you not want to be my friend?
Person 2: Sorry, I've been at a loss of words lately.
by N@y February 11, 2012
Chocolate mushrooms. Instantly more awesome when it's realized that there are mushrooms in Super Mario Bros. And anyway, who doesn't love chocolate?
Chocoshrooms are quite possibly my favorite shape for chocolate.
by N@y May 09, 2013
Referring to the game Portal, cake is an amazing food that gamers are often denied. In Portal, the player was promised to have cake at the end, but was not actually given cake when the game was over. Therefore, whenever someone actually does get cake in real life, it must be celebrated.
Person 1: So guess what I had yesterday?
Person 2: What?
Person 1: CAKE!!!
Person 2: Whoa, and it wasn't a lie?
Person 1: Nope, it certainly was not!
by N@y May 05, 2013
The history teacher who is similar to Terminator.
Person 1: Hey, what class do you have next?
Person 2: Oh, I have history.
Person 1: Do you have Gwudzinator?
Person 2: Yeah! He's amazing!
by N@y November 14, 2011
A color choice for a gun in Medal of Honor. Anything that is tactical pink is instantly more awesome.
Cashier: So, why have you decided to buy this phone case? It's pink, are you getting it for your daughter?
Man: Nope, it's tactical pink so I got it because of that.
by N@y May 05, 2013

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