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The second largest social board on GameFAQs (# 400) and since the Gamespot merge and LUE restrictions, is now degrading to an even dumber LUE.
CE used to be filled with interesting and quality people, now it's filled with fucktards.
by N/A January 01, 2005
A Mexican snow cone. Ice Shaved into a ball and flavored with a syrup of your choice.
Ey homies, lets go and get some Raspados, I'm hungry as shit!
by N/A September 30, 2004
The opposite of heads, and the half-opposite of the mysterious side.
I flipped a coin, and it was tails.
by n/a August 09, 2003
The Captain of the Guard, the one always left behind, but not forgotten. Second only to his dead brother. All around nice guy...
"You wish our places were switched, do you not?"

"If I return,think better of me father."

"It depends on the manner of your return." -Denethor
by n/a January 11, 2004
Pressing ones penis on the forehead of an unfortunate individual.
Greg fell asleep and was mushroom stamped.
by n/a March 30, 2005
1.The smartist kid in the cul-de-sac 2.The only kid on Ed, Edd, n' Eddy who has a 4.0 GPA and is very likley to get into Harvard, Prinston, Yale, or Stanford University 3. Who is annoyed by his buddies Ed and Eddy 4. (a.k.a.) double D.
Edd: Oh Edd you nimcompoop, you wasted the sunscreen.
by N/A August 06, 2003
The Animal House fratenity
The Delta fratenity is the most hated house on campus

"Dean Vermon Wormer"
by N/A July 24, 2003
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