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A girl that makes her own money by hustling, slanging. A girl that doesn't need to suck dick to be rolling in money. Tough female that can beat you the fuck down if you call her a hoe, bitch, or any disrespectful word.
It's hard to get with a gangsta girl cuz they're cold hearted.
by Mz. Gangsta July 25, 2009
A white race that blames the blacks, jews, mexicans, and any other race for their trailer park life. They won't even work for minium wage to buy toothpaste to brush their shitty teeths and go to school, quit fucking your own relatives.
Billy Bob, "These dam mexicans come to take all our jobs."

Jose, "Well your lazy ass don't want to wash dishes and make mininum wage."

Billy Bob, " Naw, I graduated from the 6th grade, thats like having a High School diploma."

Jose, "Redneck, I already have a lawn mowing business, have 2 houses, trucks, and get to travel. And you still live in this shitty trailer park."
by Mz. Gangsta July 25, 2009
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