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1. any seminal or vaginal fluid, especially a male nocturnal emission.

2. untrue or inaccurate speech, especially when unknown by the speaker.

3. used to describe anything that resembles seminal or vaginal fluid.

4. an expletive indicating surprise or anger, or emissions from a human body caused by beating (physical or metaphorical).
1. "I had that dream again, where Jake and I are taking turns fucking the shit out of a dolphin, and as usual I woke up covered in pajama snot."

2. "The woman was spewing pajama snot, using centuries old ineffective arguments heard a thousand times before."

3. "You put way too much mayo on this, its nothing but a pajama snot sandwich."

4. "Arthur beat the pajama snot out of that guy in debate!"
by Myspace A&A January 18, 2007

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