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1 definition by Mynoduesp Sdrawkcab Suomynona

A group of people who have to put up with many stereotypes, and racial slurs. Apparently in today's society, it is wrong for a black person to get upset over the most common racial slur, nigger. Their names are constantly slandered because of the population of black people who are in gangs, or in jail.
Although Rodney has an A+ average in school, he constantly has to put up with bigots who call him a "dumb nigger" because somewhere across the country, a black person killed a white person.

"75% of black people are ignorant" a made up statistic.

Why do people put down other people because of their race? When will people realize that other people don't choose which color skin they have?
by Mynoduesp Sdrawkcab Suomynona October 20, 2010
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