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Phrase said by Bob Costas from the movie BASEketball. Bob Costas and Al Michaels get excited about the game, and Costas says to Michaels, "feel these nipples."
Al Michaels: "I don't think I've ever been this excited"

Bob Costas: "You think you're excited, feel these nipples!"
by My pseudonym is Christopher February 24, 2010
Mike "Doc" Emrick is the best hockey announcer out there. He currently does play-by-play for the New Jersey Devils, but he also does national NHL coverage for NBC and Versus. His knowledge of the game and its history is second to none. His mastery of the English language is demonstrated when he uses different words such as "paraphernalia" to describe goalie equipment and "pirouette" when a player spins and does a 360. He is called Doc because he has a Ph.D. in communications, and he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2008.
I love listening to Doc Emrick & Chico Resch call Devils games together.

"Langenbrunner delays then fires to Parise, he shoots and scores!"
by My pseudonym is Christopher February 24, 2010

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