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A phrase used to describe that nasty greenish/yellow goo that smokers cough up in the morning.
Man i coughed up a sticky wad of lung butter this morning, i gotta quit smoking.
by My arms Your hearse May 08, 2004
Some guy named brian that i know who was drunk and got the word STUFF tattooed on his back.
We were all out drinking in Ybor and dared Bstuff to get a tattoo if we paid for it, so he did.
by My arms Your hearse October 19, 2004
A slanderous phrase.

Used to describe what would be happening to your penis if you had slept with a woman who has slept with a black man.
Man i slept with that ho from around the way too, now we're all dripping chocolate.
by My arms Your hearse May 18, 2004

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