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3 definitions by My Face

Coming from 'your mom' and yo momma. Just to get off the subject of peoples' moms and how to insult them, people
decided to use one of the most valued parts of the body....the face.

used mostly to annoy and/or confuse people, your face is a term used by thousands of people around the world.

A: Hello B!
B: Your face!


A: I had a nice time talking to....YOUR FACE!!!
B: Say what?
A: Say....YOUR FACE!!
B: Shut up!
A: YOUR FACE!!!!!!!
B: I'm leaving...*leaves*

Insulting(this has happend to me alot):

A: I saw something weird today...
B: What? YOUR FACE????
by My Face July 10, 2004
used by very lazy people who don't feel like saying, "don't have any". It's a double negitive that probably derived from the rednecks.
A: I don't have any money.
B: I ain't got no dough neither!
A: Oooookaaay.
by My Face July 10, 2004
That's a lie.
Student1: I did my homework.
Student2: That's a bop.
by My Face April 04, 2003