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7 definitions by Muttering Master

Heart-sinkingly awful "parody" of Wikipedia, utterly devoid of wit or originality and seemingly written by people so lacking in anything resembling intelligence they make the average housefly look like Stephen Hawking. Believes that calling something "gay" is the absolute pinnacle of comedy.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is about as funny as your face catching fire.
by Muttering Master April 13, 2007
The video game equivalent of natural selection.
If you're one of those whiny adolescent morons who threatens complete strangers with violence over Xbox Live despite the fact you haven't even got hairs on your chin, don't play Ninja Gaiden Black. The sudden jolt back to reality may annihilate you.
by Muttering Master March 06, 2007
The most highly-evolved form of pseudo-intellectual, correcting typos and writing about anime from their lofty ivory towers. Despite their claims to the contrary Wikipedians are an elitist cabal of pompous undergraduates, anime nuts and anal-retentives who derive meaning in their otherwise dull lives from incessantly editing and updating Wikipedia. All of the above can be confirmed by reading their biographical "user pages," where they display pedantic lists of their various heart-sinkingly inane interests in the same way a psychotic nutcase living in an attic would display shrunken heads.

Any changes to an article with which the Wikipedians disagree will throw them into confusion and panic, and it will be debated endlessly by them in their attempts to dissect and scrutinize every minutiae of human existence, no matter how worthless or trivial. This further strengthens their delusion that Wikipedia is an actual encyclopedia with any educational worth rather than a glorified video-gaming rumour mill.
A Wikipedian is the kind of person who sees a typo in an unthinkably obscure Wikipedia article at 3 in the morning, corrects it and feels really proud of himself. Console yourself with the fact that at least you're not like them.

Unless you are one of them, in which case you should probably get back to Wikipedia to write an article listing anime characters with "z" in their names or whatever the hell it is you people like to do.
by Muttering Master April 11, 2007
A fan of a certain thing who will tolerate no criticism of that thing. Most often associated with "nerdy" subjects, especially the video gaming community. Most people are likely to encounter fanboys over the Internet, as the veil of anonymity allows the fanboy to be as aggressive and arrogant as he likes without the possibility of reprisals.
Ordinary, well-adjusted game player: "Good game everyone."

Hulking, stinking, fast-food loving arrogant fanboy: "OMFG YOUR A NOOB LOL I COULD KICK UR ASS UR MOM (etc.)"
by Muttering Master March 06, 2007
A hilarious human zoo where you can laugh at the freakish ravings of angsty teenagers who think some minor infraction like using their boyfriend's toothbrush or weeing in the bushes makes them the incarnation of daring and adventure. Failing that, laugh at the pervy stuff.
Typical grouphug:

"omg i dropped my gf's toothbrush in the toilet i can never love again and i'd know all about that because i'm all of 15 years old"

"I like to make love to ketchup bottles and vacuum cleaners with the curtains open. Naughty, aren't I?"
by Muttering Master March 04, 2007
Originally a Japanese term for "your house," "otaku" now refers to that bizarre suubculture that is obsessed with Japanese culture.

At least, that's what the otaku themselves would see it as. In reality they are a group of weirdoes so socially inept and obnoxious that other weirdoes cross the street to avoid them (on the rare occasions the otaku ventures outside). They really only like manga and anime, and seem to think that reading a comic or watching a TV cartoon originally intended for Japanese infant school students while wearing a too-tight shirt with random kanji characters emblzoned on it makes them a venerable Eastern sage.

The otaku believes that millennia of Japanese history, art and philosophy is irrelevant compared to a comic about bug-eyed schoolgirls battling robot space ninja goblins.
Otaku: "Worthless peasant gaijin! My weird enjoyment of comics that were written for children, despite the fact that I am a pasty grown man, means that my wisdom far outstrips yours! Can you smell sweat?"
by Muttering Master March 06, 2007
A website that supposedly offers help for games and message boards about games. However, the so-called "FAQs" mainly consist of a half-finished text document that has had "MORE COMING SOON" written on it for the past 6 months, while the actual information in it was lifted directly from the game's manual. Why even go to this site? Work the game out for yourself and have some fun.

The message board is like another universe. Just post an innocent question or opinion and you will be flamed by imbeciles, pseudo-intellectuals, fanboys and jocks who claim to have lives despite the fact that they're upset by a random post on a computer game board. If you want to feel yourself getting thicker by the second, go to the boards.
A day on the Gamefaqs board:

Muttering Master: "Is this game worth buying? The walkthrough just has the backstory from the manual in it and nothing else."

Randomdickhead2007: "OMG YOUR A FAG LOL!!!11!!"

Mr Pseudy: "Clearly, the trends of inflaton in a postclassical framework show that I'm better than you even though I educated myself entirely on Wikipedia. I think harmless typos are a sign of stupidity."
by Muttering Master March 04, 2007