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A person who either:

1. Sells drugs and pinches a little bit out of every bit sold to add to his personal stash.

2. Is a middleman who is delivering drugs who pinches out a bit for his own personal stash.
This ounce only weighs 26 grams, I think that fucker pulled a pinchy pete!
by MustangGT September 25, 2005
Something that is somewhere it doesn't belong or doesn't naturally exist.

Can also be used to derogatorily describe immigrants.
Damn tire is going flat, I must have picked up some foreign object on the highway.
by MustangGT September 25, 2005
A name given to someone who is constantly smoking your weed but never contributes anything back.
He needs to buy a sack with his paycheck this week, fuckin Johnny Blaze.
He used to smoke me out; now he's just a Johnny Blaze motherfucker.
by MustangGT September 24, 2005
Slang term for half an ounce of drugs. (14-15 grams) (Typically marijuana)
You got any weed for sale?
No, I only score a half bag for personal this week.
by MustangGT September 26, 2005
To wimp or chicken out. To prefer mundane over extraordinary. A wallflower. A geek.
Did you see what Larry wore today? What a dorf!
They aren't coming over now because Bob fuckin dorfed out again!
by MustangGT July 04, 2005
This term is used to describe the process of waiting for something you wish to obtain/achieve (usually drugs).
Have you heard back from Bob on the weed hookup?
No, I'm still playing the waiting game!
by MustangGT September 26, 2005
Hurricane Rita hit South Florida and the Florida Keys as a Category 2 storm on September 20, 2005, just weeks after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. As it moved away from Florida, Rita became Category 5. After weakening, Rita came ashore again September 24, 2005, near Port Arthur, Texas, as a Category 3.

By comparison, Rita was a much weaker storm than Hurricane Katrina.
You survived hurricane Rita?? That's nothing! I survived hurricane Katrina!!
by MustangGT September 25, 2005
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