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1 definition by Mustaklaki

A plethora of nerds who think they're superior to other players because they own a PC gaming rig.

To exclude 90% of gamers as "Peasants", an obvious justification, is extremely arrogant and immature. If the individual had any sort of real life friends or social outings, they would not be able to express their opinions so openly, as they would be despised by the majority of the gaming community, as they typically are.

This "PC Gaming Master Race" are also filled with pirates. People who steal games online for free, instead of supporting the developers who were kind enough to even release a game on the PC. This is the sole reason behind games not being developed for PCs, and the reason why games get delayed for the PC while being released many months ahead on consoles: "You want it early? Then pay for it.", which is a sad quote, really, as it should be "You want it at all? Pay for it and support developers who work hard and are grown men and women and need to feed their families."

They are very anti-social. This being said, they even don't get along with each other, often getting into arguments over if AMD and Nvidia graphics cards are better.

So, while both options are great, and gaming PCs are in themselves superior than gaming consoles, the user must remember that it is their shiny pieces of metal and solder that are superior: Not themselves.
"Lol why you playing Skyrim on Ps3? It's so much better on console! LOL PC MASTER RACE FOREVER. BOW TO ME PEASANTS."

(Like you even paid for the game anyways...)

A typical comment found on YouTube, gaming forums and anywhere these anti-social persons have access to. If found online, their Facebook images will either consist of anime, a videogame character or even if they are brave enough to post their own face. a scragly looking person with curly hair. Typically, roughly 30-50 Facebook friends are achieved.
by Mustaklaki May 25, 2012