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A genre of music self produced, written and released by a band. It originally meant any music produced in this manner, but now has come to be used in the sense of bland, samey music that somehow seems to be taking the charts by storm.
Its sound is either acoustic with an irritating high pitched singer with a painfully fake English or American accent (take your pick) with side or boring, repetitively electronic with an irritating high pitched singer with aforementioned accent and a side order of sythpop campness.
Its band names also have to be ridiculously stupid and long, and have to conform to the following criteria.
1) It has to sound like every member of the band sat down and thought of a random word, then they slapped them together and whacked it on the promotional leaflets that the members of said band hand out to people who don't want them.
2 ) It has to be completely unrelated to the bands music, and their personal beliefs.
3) It has to be so ridiculous that ordinary people laugh. This is so that Indie kids can look down on us mere mortals, saying that we are 'scene kids' and that they are 'so unique' when in fact they are conforming to a wider spread class of people anyway, especially since Indie has hit the mainstream.
Its followers seem impervious to the genre's complete silliness, and they generally wear brightly coloured clothes, glasses when they don't need them, especially of the thick rimmed 'nerd' style, which mere years before would have got them a good beating, and have a penchant for cardigans which would, mere years before have got them branded as a homosexual. They refer to slightly more mainstream people than themselves as 'Scene Kids' and express their hatred of them often. They like also to wear t-shirt of band no-one, not even other Indies have heard of. This they think lends an air of legitimacy to their claim to be Indie, even though to everyone else it just makes them look a bit of a wanker.
Indie kid: Awwww check it out, it's Marxist Gas Tap Patrol's new album
Other Indie Kid: Wow...have you seen my new Hypocritical Taxidermist t-shirt.
Indie Kid: who? They must be so unique, cos' I've never heard of them before.
Other Indie Kid: Yeah they're kinda like Polka Dot Revival, with some Iranian Giraffe Squad thrown in.
Metal Guy: What a stupid name for a band. And that t-shirt makes you look like a wanker.
Indie Kid: Oh yeah?
Metal Guy: Yeah. But whatever, I'm gonna go listen to some Bloodsoaked Death Spleen.
Indie Kid: What a stupid name for a band.

And so the cycle continues.
by Musical Stalin April 17, 2009

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