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The simplest meaning of a bassist is one who plays the bass. Bass players are generally overlooked by the average person who simply follow the guitar and vocals. I am not saying that is a bad thing by any means, but it is ignorance, or a lack of knowledge due to the defiance of learning, in which people state that a bass player is not necessary for a band or all bassists suck. This is entirely incorrect. Bassists like John Myung (Dream Theater), Tony Levin (liquid tension experiment), Billy Sheehan (Mr.Big), and Les Claypool(primus) have the ability to outshred and outplay even the best guitar players. Comparative to guitar, a bass is much harder to play because of a wider neck and more pressure needed to be applied to the neck. Those who are impressed by guitar players tapping...don't be. It is much more difficult on bass because it takes strength to sound the notes while you can barely touch the string on a guitar and it will sound the note. No matter what technique used on the bass guitar, it is always interesting to watch a good bass player. Like any instrument, you can learn a lot by watching good players. As far as talent goes, bassists cannot be considered inferior to guitar players for lack of talent because there are many talented bassists who have gone to schools like Berklee. A bass player is a musician, and should be held in the same esteem as all other musicians.
That bassist knew his theory.
by Music Analyst January 15, 2006

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