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A person fiercely loyal, devoted and supportive to promiscuous women.
Kanye West is unknowingly a male hoevinist.

Hugh Hefer has been a hoevinist for years!
#trick #hoe #lover #supporter #loyalty
by Mugsy X May 22, 2013
The thoughtless act of going about something totally the wrong way, all the while expecting a positive outcome.
Vern mops the kitchen bassackwards, that's why the floor stays dirty.

If I put Samantha's brain in a bird, it would fly bassackwards.

He's bassackwards. Dude got a Plasma Tv before he paid his light bill. Now he's sitting watching the dark.

She spent her whole paycheck on a Michael Kors purse before she paid her rent. Now that's bassackwards!
#bassackwards #backwards #stupid #naive #bird brain
by Mugsy X June 13, 2013
The act of sexing a below-average, Canadian cunt with your finger in her butt up to the knuckles, until she squirts and has an ass orgasm.
"Drake, did you see Melyssa?"

"Did I?"

"She's absolutely gorgeous."

"I know. I wanna fudnuck."
#sex #fuck #fud #nuck #cunt #fingerbang #squirt
by Mugsy X February 05, 2014
A wide main street, in any and every city, town, or state; usually lined with trees, churches, liquor stores, fried chicken and Chinese food eateries, housing establishments, exotic dance clubs, and gas stations.
In High School, we used to cruise Crenshaw Boully, looking for a good time.
#boulevard #boully #street #strip #industrial area
by Mugsy X June 02, 2013
The act of doing one thing and not the other; One who accepts the worse and complains about the best, a backwards thinker, a walking paradox, completing a task and leaving out the most important part, doing something totally backwards, ignoring priorities of major importance and acknowledging the minor.
Justin is Nice Nasty because he didn't wipe his ass but he had the nerve to wash his hands.

He's Nice Nasty because he'd happily eat any kind of feces as long as it had brown sugar on it.
#nice #nasty mean #clean #likeable #filthy #delightful #disguisting #awful
by Mugsy X November 01, 2011
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