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N: An attempt to make a wonderfully romantic moment where absolutely everything goes completely wrong from the get go, and having a good outcome anyway.

Inspired by Graham Norton
"I took my date out and gave her a lovely Glastonbury Experience where food poisoning morphed into lovemaking."
by Mugger Jack August 12, 2009

1) To shoot your friend in the face, and get them to apologize for being in the way of your gun when it went off.

2) To live in a cage so rich people can come and shoot you.
"When she said "we need to talk," I felt like I was being Cheneyed.
by Mugger Jack March 01, 2012
Verb: Calling somebody else to come take your place doing something you agreed to do. Origin: "Calling a replacement" as a longshoreman.
I got into a pissing contest with the other swingman, so I decided to reep the job out.
by Mugger Jack September 19, 2009
Verb: To be checked in to get work at longshore dispatch and fail to be there to get your job, causing the job to go to the next person in line.
After a hot date last night, I was too tired to go to work and decided to flop instead.
by Mugger Jack September 17, 2009

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