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A douchebag who insists that any band you mention that is not Black Metal, Death Metal, Folk Metal or Power Metal, sucks ass and is not metal at all. They'll often bombard said band with weird and immature insults such as: "They make me want to eat my own cock and vomit."
Bands they prefer are almost always obscure and unknown to anybody and from Scandinavia. They hate all bands that are popular. The only Thrash Metal band that is tolerated by Metal Elitist is Iron Maiden. The rest isn't even metal.
Forum Poster: Hmm, favorite metal bands? Pantera, Fear Factory, Crobar...

Metal Elitist: Oh my god, your list sucks bloody cocks. Shit isn't even metal. Weird Al Yankadick can make better metal than Crobar. Besides, all that shit is pop-rock, you fucking twit. I'd rather have a tumor in my scrotum and guiche than to listen to Wolber's crying again.
by Ms. Trunchbull January 14, 2011

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