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2 definitions by Ms. Thompson

glasses that are entirely too big for someones face.
person 1: wow that person has glasses too big for his face.
person 2: nahh, those are just spoerk glasses
person 1: so theyre cool?
person 2: oh hell no
person 1: i hate you

person 3: systematically chris is a barn yard chimpanzee
by Ms. Thompson April 16, 2010
When you go craaaaazy and stick your shaft in maaaaany women's behinds.
Chris: heeey so yesterdaaaaay i kind of went off on a bunch a girls asses
Alejandro: so you went on a rectum rampage?!
Chris: Systematically, im a barnyard chimpanzee
Alejandro: no stooooooop! if you ever-if you EVER!!!
Chris: i love nikki!!!
by ms. thompson April 20, 2010