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A medium sized middle class town in Michigan that probably has never been mentioned in the news, ever. A slightly less sad version of Pontiac in a way, which is a slightly less sad version of Detroit. Home to probably half the fake baked barbies in the state because the city only has a month of sun per year. Most of the people are one of four things. Anorexic byotch's who think they are soooo much better than these 'waterfordians' (but will probably get byotch-slapped the minute they set foot anywhere else), 'people of the ghetto', people who act like they are from the ghetto, hillbillies, and people left over who actually might survive in the real world. Has two 'rival' schools. Kettering and Mott. Kettering has the better rep but Mott is a lot funner considering the frequent police visits. The school board never calls a snow day here unless they are actually frozen solid in which case they still won't because they...are frozen. The only thing that might encourage you to live here is...well acually it seems i cannot get an opinion because no one who lives here has ever left.
friend 1- Why is she so orange? And why is everyone here so po-dunk...and we're in Michigan?
friend 2- Cuz we're in Waterford of course.
by Ms. Quixotic January 25, 2011
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