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Denotes an accelerated passage of time, usually a leap into the future from a present moment of denial of the possibility of a bad outcome to the moment the unthinkable occurs.

Etymology: TV sound effect with possible origins in the comedy series "Bewitched" (ref. Samantha's nose twitch). See also entry #1.

Alternate spelling: Diddle-liddle-it
Ego: That dude squeezed my heart near dry! Slowly. With a monster grip. Power, brute power. If only he knew his strength. Sure, I enjoyed his company and all, but what's that worth? Exsanguination smarts!

Buddha: You must walk quietly away.

Ego: Argh, there's only one thing for me to do with these last drops of vital fluid. I'm gonna sock it to him. Tell him off and cut him out. And I'll never regret it!

Buddha: Dida-little-it.
by Ms. Maple February 04, 2007

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