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The act of performing fellatio(oral sex) on a man while holding one or more ice cubes in your mouth to create a tantalizing hot/cold sensation. For a variation; Mentos, or any other mint, or Pop Rocks candy, or a sip of champagne can be substituted for ice cubes.
Guy: Dude! Nora was ice cubing my dick last night, it was awesome!

Dude: Man, that shit just gives me goose bumps!
by Ms. Baby Gurl March 22, 2009
A position in anal sex, where the receiving partner(bitch, bottom, catcher) is on top. The receiving partner bounces up and down on the other person's penis(or cock, or dick whichever you prefer)hence the term "bunny hopping".
Sean knew his boyfriend's ass was a "one way street" but he still felt he needed to be on top every once in a while, so he decided that bunny hopping would be an acceptable alternative to their normal routine.
by Ms. Baby Gurl March 23, 2009

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