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The same as cock blocking but the sex is opposite
A girl is talking with a new guy and hoping to score (or get a date.) Another female comes up getting in your way and possibly blocking your chance with the guy. She is "Coochie Blocking" you.
by Ms D October 22, 2010
When a Blonde haired person is trying to do several things at a time and then gets confused and or overwhelmed.
While at work I was helping a customer at the counter. Then another customer walks up to ask me if we are all out of a product. Then the phone rings. I turned to my co-worker and told him I am having a Blonde Freeze.
by Ms D November 07, 2010
When you ask someone if they want to do something with or for you and they say no with a little tude (attitude).
Hey, We are going to a show, do you want to go? or Hey, can you help me move? They say no, you say "what ever makes your balls bounce"
by Ms D October 21, 2010

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