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That kid you knew would be a star even when he didn't know it himself. Turning lemons into lemonade, ice into iced tea and rocks into rock stars. Always a leader following his own rhythm the promise of success beating in his ear. A warrior born to break barriers and climb mountains. He will never stay down. He's a life Ninja and life is kickass good!
He's got that determined look of an Aramis in his eye.

Aw man, you know he'll win that race! He's an Aramis runner.
by MrsM222 April 10, 2013
That dude that's down for whatever and parties too much. He pisses his girlfriend off because he's too chummy with all the other girls but he's really only into her. Chocos have a lot of blonde moments but they're very smart. Once they commit to something it'll be a big success. Lucky bastards always find money and run into movie stars who insist on giving them tips just because they're cool. They live absolutely excellent lives.
Yo he must be related to Choco. He's good looking and lucky.

Larry: Did you see Choco just fall and bust hiss ass?

Curly: Yeah and did you notice he fell right on top of a $100 biill?

Moe: Damn, I just walked past that spot and I didn't see anything.

Larry & Curly: You're not a Choco!
by MrsM222 June 15, 2013

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