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43 definitions by MrsHippy

A student who is supposedly highly thought of,but is really looked down on,when teachers have their own little gossip.A student who probably has family problems,and feels the need to improve themself,without realising how they really look.
Everyone hated the teachers pet types,but also felt sorry for them.
by MrsHippy November 15, 2012
19 11
Someone whose accent sounds like a load of questions.
I am an Aussie from down under?
by MrsHippy August 03, 2011
21 14
Too mentally affected to go deep into things.
He dumped his girlfriend because he was too shallow to sort things out with her.
by MrsHippy June 22, 2012
6 1
To run away to avoid something.
The boy had to scarper when his parents got out his baby pics.
by MrsHippy May 10, 2012
6 1
Someone who tricks you into thinking you're going to have fun,really they are just trying to change your personality.
The art students were very introverted,unlike the teacher,so she tried to make conversation with them,instead of letting them get on with their artwork.
by MrsHippy May 31, 2011
7 2
Someone who gets excessively interested every time you say something.
Student:I used to be friends with that girl(chuckling)
Teacher:So why did you get rid of her?
Student mentally curses and explains,although she doesn't really want to.
by MrsHippy May 28, 2011
7 2
A portmanteau of Spanish and Catalan.I made it up myself.
Spatalan would be a Latin based language.
by MrsHippy June 27, 2011
7 3