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1. Someone who acts like a clown or like they're drunk
2. A very immature person
3. A person who you may want to slap on occasions

1. to annoy
2. to frighten extremely
3. to attack

1. to be wierd
2. to be drunk, under the influence
3. to be the most annoying person ever
Emily: "Did you see The Rev? He was drunk off his ass!"
Olivia: "Hellyeah! He is such a glop!"

Olivia: "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Emily, hey Emily, hey Em-"

Olivia: "H-hey, hey, hey E-emily! Pass the J.D.!"
Emily: "You're being totally gloppish tonight."
by MrsDickCuzImNasty June 15, 2009

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