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A base-ball bat is a wodden stick. Taht can be used for the game of Base-ball, smashing mailboxes in drive by hittings, or for breaking someone's nose, and even windows. Really fun.
idoit 1: wanna smash some mailboxes?!
idoit 2: SURE!!
me: with what?
idoit 1: duh...a..uh..
idoit 2: A BASE-BALL BAT!!
me: (sigh)
by Mrs. Shelly Dirnt April 30, 2006
Often at concerts people crowd surf. This means that you a lifted/throw up above a mosh pit where people carry you to the front and are pulled down by the surcerity (plese ignore spelling). A HECK OF A LOT OF FUN!!!
went crowd surfing twice with sister at a FOB concert, and nearly got dropped.
by Mrs. Shelly Dirnt April 30, 2006
2nd Hottest man on earth (right behind mike dirnt) front man for green day. SOME (keyword) girls obssesed with him!!
Me: God, Melissa, you're, like, OBSSESED whith Billy Jo Aarmstong!!
Mel: It's spelt BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG!! and no i'm not!!
Me: you 1,754 pictures of him cut out mags.
Mel: Umm... it's 1759.
Me: Oh, god.
by Mrs. Shelly Dirnt June 03, 2006
Mike Dirnt: Bassist for Green Day, also HOTTEST MAN ALIVE!!! Once wore a yellow disco suite that him look like a bannana.
Qoates from Mike Dirnt:
If you think you're going to do something wrong, do it right.
Happeiness is a jorney, not a destinatoin.
They're looking for the gold, the money, and the mike. (or something like that.)
by Mrs. Shelly Dirnt April 30, 2006
First years of being a teen. A time in wich one is either in 7th or 8th grade. A very boring time to be a teenager. Parents often act as though you are still a little kid. Many are prone to being a prep. Others, a very little emo this happens toward more later in 13 age most only like the music. Most likely green day obbsessed (like mui).
Mom: MY little baby's 13 years-old!! it was only yesturday i was changing you diapers!!
13 year-old kid: Mom. please.
almost year later
Mom: HI sweety how was your day.
13 year-old kid (prep): Whatever mom.
Mom: hi sweety.
13 years-old kid (emo music liker): fine, hey can I go over to Melissa's later?
Mom: Sure.
13: Thanks!
by Mrs. Shelly Dirnt May 08, 2006

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