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1. A synonym for soda.
2. A fun word to say.
3. An explosive sound.
4. The part of a name of one of the guys from the book and movie The Outsiders. (His full first name is Sodapop.)

*Speaking of The Outsiders, PLEASE make entries to the word 'Dallas Winston'. Because he was the best-looking of the gang in the 1983 movie.*
1. "I'm so thirsty, I think I'll run over to the mart to get myself a pop!"
2. "Pop. Pop. Pop. Hehe! This is so much fun!"
3. "POP! I think that was supposed to be my tire..."
4. "Sodapop Curtis. Mmm... Soda, or pop you ask?? Well, heck, let's have both since he's so darn SWEET! (Second most attractive of the Greasers in The Outsiders)

*DALLAS WINSTON IS (WAS) SOOO GOOD LOOKING!!! WHY IS LIFE THIS WAY?! NOW HE'S NOT!!! Make entries to the word 'Dallas Winston' and 'Dally'.
by Mrs. Dallas Winston. April 09, 2007

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