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6 definitions by MrJewTunes

The man who eats steak for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and shits out the bones when hes done, with a steak beverage to wash it all down. He lays the rules down for all the women he comes across..no sandwich? Prepare to have a rod up your ass. Girl wants to sit back and have a pina colada? Try some PENIS ALOTTA. With a 414HP BMW M3 and quad tip exhausts, every girl who sees this machine has no choice but to bend down and take it in the ass. This man will teach you everything he knows, but be ready, some serious life changes are required.
JGUN: Bro I think this Prius wants to race! BRO, he doesn't know what hes up against...

Markito: Jared, I really dont think..(jared takes off as the grandma in her Prius is overwhelmed with confusion)

JGUN: Look at dat shit boner child! She couldn't compete with the M3 blackula!
by MrJewTunes August 19, 2011
People: The little rising Jews found in many every day situations; ex. jew fucks in halo, the crafty swine cutting you in the lunch line..

Music: The tunes the crafty, gold loving swine like to listen to when they count their money. In other words, the Jews' favorite tunes.
Jr. Papa: dude, fuckin jewtunes, i swear to god, if one more of these crafty swine try to kill me with a gravity hammer i will have their yamaka.

Sr. Papa: Dude I know, they just cant get enough of their jewtunes. Its like all they play is Matisyahu and Debbie Friedman.
by MrJewTunes May 27, 2010
The act of a group of men pooping on a woman's face. Like a bukake, but much more aggressive.
Ethan, Bob, Jose, and Arnold all gave Michelle a huge poopkake as she begged for more shit to be lain on her face.
by MrJewTunes July 30, 2011
A master of the jewtunes; not only does this single human being know these tunes, but he knows how to manipulate the tuns in such a way that the crafty swine have a sense of confusion. And, in that sense of confusion, MrJewTunes comes to steal what was stolen from him, and leave a nice little present for the jews who tried to sneak on him in the first place.
Jr. Papa: Dude MrJewtunes is a BEAST!

Sr. Papa: Thank you Papa, I try ;)
by MrJewTunes May 22, 2010
Noun; a jew of extreme jewish descent, usually from smack in the middle of israel. wears a yamaka to bed, when it takes a shower, and when it plays halo. Extremely crafty and sneaky...hence the name crafty swine.
Jr. Papa: Yo man this crafty swine just killed me from the top of the map with a spartan laser! He just crawled up with his claws and sharp teeth and then killed us all! Ahh!!! PAPA!
by MrJewTunes June 01, 2010
Otherwise known as the PT Cruiser, this monster of a vehicle manages to still sell in the United States. Pushing a staggering 15RWHP, this beast usually comes in plum purple with plastic wood-looking accents. Don't be fooled, this baby has a top speed of 110MPH, that is if you are capable of driving this machine.
Joe: Look at that PT Loser fly! Man, I wish I had one of those!
by MrJewTunes December 24, 2011