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87 definitions by MrClean

1. A man who looks and acts like a chimpanzee, and who also wears a flight suit in order to look tougher than he actually is.

2. Another name for George W. Bush.
Chimpy McFlightsuit wore a flight suit for his little Misson Accomplished speech.
by MrClean January 10, 2006
A group of young thugs who show their support for George W. Bush by behaving like a bunch of Nazis.

See also: Hitler Youth.
The Bush Youth disrupted events where democrats were appearing, and behaved like a bunch of thugs in the process.
by MrClean February 09, 2006
A first, middle, and last name that have rightly become associated with betrayal.
George W. Iscariot has betrayed all Americans everywhere.
by MrClean March 05, 2006
1. The taking and killing of animals by various methods for either food or sport.

2. About the fastest way to get oneself shot while in the company of Dick Cheney.
Going hunting with Dick Cheney is about the fastest way to get oneself shot, since going hunting with him is an accident waiting to happen.
by MrClean March 03, 2006
A man who combines the worst attributes of a Nazi fuhrer and a chimpanzee.
George W. Bush is a definte Chimpenfuhrer.
by MrClean January 08, 2006
A collection of goose stepping low lifes. These people put the wealthy, special interests, and Republican Christianity first, and the American people - especially the poor and vulnerable - last.

Cut taxes on the rich so they'd have more money. Cut social support for people. Throw money into the security money hole. Fight blood soaked oil wars. Try to privatize and wreck social security. Strip Americans of their basic Constitutional and Human Rights. These are a few things that Republicans have done.
What do you call a busload of Republicans going through the gates of a maximum security prison?

A good start!
by MrClean March 16, 2005
1. See also chimpenfuhrer.
2. A man who combines the worst aspects of a Nazi Führer and a chimpanzee.
George W. Bush is a prime example of a Chimpenführer.
by MrClean February 02, 2006