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An amazingly sexy person who usually has brown hair and brown eyes! She has a lot of potential and is very outgoing,she is very funny and beautiful,she has a lot of friends and loves to party with a lot of people.She is the best firfriend any guy could ask for.She is very popular,everyone knows her.She is a person you will regret not meeting.Shes very nice!Shes got a nice ass and big boobs.
Woah dude,did you see that lindzey zebell?
Nah bro
She be lookin fine todaaaay
by Mr.someone March 30, 2013
Sainte-Foy/Sillery is one of the Richer Burroughs of Quebec City. Sainte-Foy usually gets all of the major fundIngs, it gets all the municipal projects, all the money, all the cops, protection and attention in Quebec City. It also has the nicest chicks, the best sports teams and the more educated people.
Max: I come from Haute-St-Charles

Sam: OMG you poor person, you come from a hell hole, I live in sainte-foy bitch.
by Mr.Someone April 02, 2007

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