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1) of or related to feces
2) feces like
uhhhh...where's that been? It smells feculent!
mmmmmm....feculent. <when describing something bad, sarcastically>
by Mr. Awesome February 26, 2004
1)that dust you find in your bed after sex
2)any "stuff" you get when you rub two, or more, things together.
I think someone put friculum in my sandwich
by Mr. Awesome February 23, 2004
one who lacks skill in the game "Socom II"
Cfizz, are you retarded? He was right in front of you!
by Mr. Awesome February 03, 2005
a jewish slut who will hook up with anyone, but refuses to fuck
'i was so lit lastnight i hooked up with jewce

Friend: i need a hand job where the fuck is Jewce?
friend of friend: its pass over, she isnt goin out
by Mr. awesome September 12, 2004

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