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Proof that God was a chubby, tenacious, Japanese wrestler who kicked people in the head and face, chopped them in the throat, and stepped on their heads for boston crabs.
Toshiaki Kawada broke my face.
by Mr. Webster March 10, 2005
The opposite of the word "fantastic". Use as a negative adjective. Similar to the slang word "crappy", but to be used in grand or dramatic instances.

Can be used in coordination with other words.
Day After Tommorow is a trungtastic movie.

A Pinto is a trungtastic car.

That's fucking trungtastic.
by Mr. Webster October 30, 2004
A non-existent word used to describe something, or one who makes up non-existent words to describe things.
The word Dinglewonkeris aDinglewonkeritself

"That's not a real word, You're a Dinglewonker!"
by Mr. Webster March 07, 2004
1. a blind cult follower
2. someone who will defend a cult leader even against all facts.
3. someone who thinks he is doing good by blindly serving another
This guy joined the Heaven's Gate and became a Zinkbot.
by Mr. Webster December 24, 2004
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