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A very powerful, but yet underrated programming language made by Microsoft. It's a very easy language to learn, and it usually has suprisingly good results.

Many people think it isn't a real programming language, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is a good language. Here is why:

Most patches, trainers, and hacks made for the cool games many people play are made using visual basic.

Many programs that you can produce in visual basic are extremely lightweight.

For all you C++ people who think it is a fake, waste of time language, well, not many people want to have to get a degree to know what their doing when programming. What you make in 1000 lines of code, you can do it in visual basic in about 2.
Visual basic code:

If textbox1.text = "" then
button1.enabled = false
button2.enabled = true
by Mr. Visual Basic Programmer July 10, 2008
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