1 definition by Mr. Tony gonsalves

Name: Malavika
Language: Sanskrit
Thematic: Literature
Meaning: Heroine of one of Kalidasa's first play titled Malavikaagnimitra.
Comments: In the romantic saga,Malavika is a princess who due to unavoidable circumstances works as a dancer in the court of brave and handsome King Agnimitra and subsequenlty falls in love with him.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, i present to you,our guest of honor an exemplary epitome of looks,style and substance,Ms.malavika sharma.Few people have lived a life as successful and fulfilling in as short a time"

Overheard at the girls hostel:
"Its unfair that we have to contend with people as beautiful and cool as malavika is,she makes us look like rag dolls.Unfair!thats what it is."
by Mr. Tony gonsalves March 28, 2008

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