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An individual whose statements and accusations should never, under any circumstances, be taken seriously, no matter what promises of riches or admonitions of suffering he assures of.
Person: Good god, Alexander, what on earth happened to your face!?
Alexander: Demitri said that an extreme facelift would make all the ladies swoon for me!
Person: Blast it, Alexander! Demitri is never to be taken seriously!
Alexander: But I didn't know!
Person: Curse you, Demitri! Your subterfuge will be the doom of us all! I'm afraid you won't be John Woo-ing any damsels now, Alexander.
Alexander: -I- -DIDN'T- -KNOW- !!!

Demitri: Hey, bro!
Bro: Hey, Demitri!
Demitri: Come here, I have to tell you something.
No one ever saw Bro again.
by Mr. Thrills June 27, 2011

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