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A persian guy who finds himself in a parking lot almost every night without actually trying to get there. Usually he has a cigarette in one hand and sunflower seeds in his other hand. He has the general characteristics of a stereotypical sleazy mechanic who gives you shitty parts for prices that are higher then expected...

He gets a new car almost every six months although in the years of 2008-2009 he has gone against his natural instincts and has kept a car that he calls a SRT-4. This was a breakthrough for the Arash and was exceptionally noticed by his friends who needed to come up with new definitions to explain the phenomenon that Arash not only keept thea car for more then 6 months but also spent more money on the car then he has spent on college.

The Arash leaves his nest at approximately 8 PM and can be found in the following regions on the following days:
Safeway Parking Lot: Any time of the week
Starbucks Parking Lot: Any Time Of the Week
Ernies Liquor Store Parking Lot: Any Time of the Week
Taco Bell Parking Lot on Capital Expressway: Thursdays

God Bless the Mutherfucker.
Arash, where are you?
Arash: SPL, you comin?
Hmm, let me debate it.
by Mr. Subaru 123 November 06, 2009
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