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2 definitions by Mr. Snubz

An abbreviation for Ridiculously Outta Pocket. It should only be used when something extremely outta pocket occurs.
Man 1: Did you see that? That girl just slapped me in the face after smiling at her.

Man 2: Bro, that's hella ROP.
by Mr. Snubz June 05, 2010
An exclamation that is often shouted during the applause of a concert, specifically ones that featuring jazz and/or classical music. Alternate spellings include cheu, chyea, chu, and chyu. It is pronounced like the word "duh", but beginning with a ch- sound.
(Band finishes song)
*Applause* Chuh! Chuh! Get it! Chuh!
by Mr. Snubz June 07, 2010