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2 definitions by Mr. Sir

Juvenihilism is the teenage mental phase where the adolescent begins to resent everything and everyone and starts to question the the world around them. It is usually accompanied with destructive behaviors such as drinking, unprotected sex, blazing, and whining. The scientifically recognized term for angst or teenage angst.
"Because Shade was a teenager in the midst of Juvenihilism, he decided not to do his homework and instead to smoke weed in the graveyard."
by Mr. Sir May 13, 2006
something that is so beyond ridiculous that it can only be expressed by the inane expletive, regoddamnfuckingdiculous. This is a combination of goddamn, fucking, and ridiculous, as well as an extra fractal on the obscenity that is known as regoddamndiculous. Often said in disbelief or awe rather than anger.
"what do you mean you let him punch you in the teeth? that's regoddamnfuckingdiculous you jackass!"


"dude...today was so regoddamnfuckingdiculous...I ate mushrooms today and tripped for 32 hours today before it was even nighttime..."
by Mr. Sir April 11, 2006