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1 definition by Mr. Save-ahoe

A guy who is always a gentile man even when the girl is a bitch he will always take her side even when she is wrong and will spoil any woman even if he knows hes not getting laid. Will even brake the unspoken man laws for the woman. But has a alter ego if pushed to far he will become a player and Nice guy so that he gets the women at the end of the night. Can be used as and insult or a compliment.
My brother, me and some buddys were watching tv

Girl: "T.V. to loud baby"

Me: "Tough the games on"

Buddys:" you dont even live here"

Brother: "guys chill out or your all going home"

Girl: "thank you baby"

Me: "bros before hoes Captain save-ahoe let the bitch talk for herself"

turns down tv Me:"later bro call us up when the hoe leaves"
by Mr. Save-ahoe July 22, 2011