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Large, lizard-like creatures usually found in caves in the Legend of Zelda series.

Since the original Legend of Zelda, Dodongos have had one, main attack: spewing fire from their mouths. They are invulnerable to any form of physical attack besides their weak tail, which you stab when it's preparing to torch Link.

There are royalties in the Dodongo family, such as King Dodongo. To kill these beasts, Link has to throw a bomb into their mouth before they spit fire. Doing this will make the bomb explode inside the creature after it's been ingested. (I believe this tactic also works with regular Dodongos).

After the Great Flood, it is unknown if Dodongos and Gorons were brought together. This matter sprung up from the fact that, in the Phantom Hourglass, Dongorongo had Dodongo AND Goron features. However, this is just one of my thoughts and nothing more or less.
"The real Dodongo. Their weakness is the tail. Wait until they
use their fire breath attack, then hop around behind them and slash like crazy.
They might swipe their tail to turn around quickly. If so, either use the Deku
Shield to block this attack as Young Link, or simply backflip out of the way."

by Mr. Robotolololo April 18, 2009

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