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A synonym for the "Cruise control" button in a car. The button that single-handedly makes it infinitely easier to get home after a night of excessive drinking by allowing the impaired driver to only focus on steering instead of accurate steering AND accurate speed.
Charlie Sheen: "Dude, I don't think I can drive home tonite, I'm just gonna pass out in the bathroom."

Me: "Charlie, just use the drunk button and you'll be pure win."

Charlie Sheen: "Great idea! High five?!!"

(I Blxmorph Charlie Sheen)

Me: "High fives are for fags!!"
by Mr. Rickboto October 09, 2009
1. A made-up disease where the main symptom is constantly acting like a vag

2. A person who constantly partakes in acts of vagery

3. A man who is always very effeminate

4. The disease exhibited by a homosexual male

5. The attribution of a vagina to a man
Rick: "What the hell is Yuriy's problem? He didn't come out to the bar so he could stay home and watch The Bachelor?"
Tom: "Yeah, he picked up a bad case of vaginosis last week."

"What a bitch, has Amanda always had that bad a case of vaginosis?"

Tom: "I can't believe that he didn't bet those pocket aces pre-flop."
Rick: "Looks like he's playing with a bad case of vaginosis."

Rick: "Did you hear about gay Joe?"
Dylan: "Yeah, I heard he got vaginosis."
Rick: "No, he got AIDS."
by Mr. Rickboto October 19, 2006

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