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A movement started by men for men with aspirations to create a more man friendly world.
"Are you part of the Man Liberation Front?"

"You mean the movement dedicated to taking back what was ours til the 70s?"

by Mr. Recard April 13, 2009
An afternoon spent enjoying traditionally heterosexual male activities.

"Hey Jimmy, did you enjoy that kickass manfernoon yesterday"

"Yeah, totally dude, we just fuckin watched the game, cashed a few brews and JD, tossed the football around, smoked some stogs, then grilled out... it was great. while the lady did her own shit with her friends"
by Mr. Recard April 13, 2009
The whole movement of defining terms relevant to men, usually done by adding man as a replacement for a syllable. For example, Manfernoon, Mandate, and Mandicap.
"We must improve our mancabulary so we cater to the man's right movement for a more man friendly world"
by Mr. Recard April 13, 2009
An attitude that is particularly manly while accomplishing tasks.
"Dude, I don't know if I can drink anymore"

"How bout you man the fuck up and take it with a manittude."

"You're right. What was I thinking."
by Mr. Recard April 14, 2009

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