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1. A verb meaning to take something by force or bully someone into giving you something that rightfully isn't yours. Also could mean using brute force to get your way either with people or inanimate objects such as vending machines or engines i.e. banging on it until it gives up the damn Snickers bar/works. Basically any acttion involving intimidation or force/violence that gains material possessions such as food, cars, women, grapefruits, mufflers, candy, Copenhagen, towns, flying carpets, ninja swords, herpes. Derived from how the Norse and Danish viking generally wrecked people's shit to get stuff they wanted.
2. The word could also be used to describe an action of destruction that deprives anyone from enjoying something, based on the mentality of "If I can't have it, then no one can."
Exp. of use #1: Dude, I was so hungry, I had to viking this candy bar from that nerd.

Exp. of use#2: I know all you guys liked her, but I hate you assholes and that's why I vikinged the shit out of Misty last night. Good luck with that.
by Mr. Quackers5380 September 04, 2009
A combination of stupid and angry. If someone is stangry, they are enraged for no good reason or don't even know why they are agnry, or are angry due to them not being able to understand what's going on.
Rick was really stangry after he played baseball yesterday, he didn't know all the rules and thought everyone else was cheating.
by Mr. Quackers5380 August 27, 2009
An ancient martial art that involves head-butting, insulting, kicking people while their on the ground, and causing yourself to ejaculate with such speed that it hurls semen with such speed and force that it can injure, and even kill a man at a moderate distance.
He used his excellent spooge-itsu technique to kill 4 ninjas before they could get closer than 15 yards!
by Mr. Quackers5380 August 26, 2009
A noun derived from combining the words "shit" and "stuff," used to describe an item bought by a man (stuff) for a woman that normally would be something a woman would buy (shit). Based on the widely accepted notion that men buy things with useful properties, referred to as stuff. Whereas women buy things for no reason that serve no purpose and are essentially useless in any setting, referred to as the derrogative "shit"
Man #1: I bought my girl a glass figurine of a dolphin for her birthday, she really liked it.

Man #2: Dude, isn't that like the 4th figurine you bought her?

Man #1: Yeah, so?

Man #2: You gotta stop buying her so much shuff, man. You're going to fill up your apartment and have no place to put your stuff. She buys enough shit as it is.
by Mr. Quackers5380 August 26, 2009
A girl who hangs out around the lacrosse team in they hopes of getting laid. They will attend parties that lacrosse players throw and will go to lacrosse games. It is important to mention that they do not exclusively date or fuck lacrosse players, just associate with them and their friends.
I'm going to Jeff's party because you know there's going to be a shitload of lacrosse-stitues there looking for dick.
by Mr. Quackers5380 September 05, 2009
When you're fucking your girl from behind and perform the abraham stinkin, then shoot her in the back of the head with your cum.
I really hate Jessie, so I convinced her to fuck me, then pulled of the assassination of abraham stinkin on her. It was epic. She just had her hair done, too.
by Mr. Quackers5380 September 05, 2009
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