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English Slang:
A Condom
I put on a johny before I screwed that gross bitch.
by Mr. Polish May 08, 2005
2 or more cans of Keystone (Light, Heavy, or Ice)
I drank a 30-Pack of Stones.
by Mr. Polish May 08, 2005
Slang for Beer Me, or Hand Me a Beer. Also the name for a very famous beer cooler in Missouri that always stays full.
1.Hey man, Bur Me!
2.I reached into Bur Me to get a beer, and it was glorious!
by Mr. Polish August 08, 2005
Denying women to a fat kid, who would probably have sex with a fat kid. This is similar to cock blocking. This act should be avoided at all costs. Unless you want to be a d-bag. Allow your fat friend to get some, it's a beautiful thing.
This hot chick said that she would have sex with my fat friend, which was awesome, but my other "friend" cut in on the action commiting the sin of Fat Blocking.
by Mr. Polish May 20, 2005
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