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A vibrator that still works even though it is long dead and over used.
Wow, Trisha really pulled some McGiver shit with her Papa Smurf Vibrator. How does someone so dumb rewire electronic toys so well?
by Mr. Pickles January 12, 2005
Things which nobody knows what they are. Coe found the word on a sexual stimulant.
What the fuck is a diton? I don't know, but I'm supposed to put a couple drops of this shit on em.
by Mr. Pickles January 12, 2005
masturbation using only one's pinky finger and a dollop of hot sauce.
Walking a little funny today due to my spicy chicken finger sessions, last evening.
by mr. pickles February 09, 2015
The act of overcoming constipation.
I ate way to much cheese a few days back, but after an especially challenging concrete pumper, I feel much better now.
by mr. pickles February 06, 2015
verb; jones'd
used in past tense

1.To have ones ass handed to one.

2.Embarresment in public
"You got jones'd" or "I jones'd your ass"
by Mr. Pickles March 27, 2004
one step away from a fist
That fella's mouth is a real four-hole
by mr. pickles October 10, 2014

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