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Also known as the "Druggy School," the Field School is a place where people go when they want an excuse to do drugs, alcohol, and sex. Called this due to the fact that the first Field school was in a Marijuana Field.
Actually, a pretty cool place that's just really chill and relaxed. And good for it- a lot of private schools around DC maybe shouldn't take as many pills as Field, but one they should is a chill pill. Also, some really cool people go there.
Maret Kid: Haha you go to The Field School! DRUGGY!
Field Kid: Hey you are too just admit it.
Sidwell Kid: Shut up you're high all the time!
Field Kid: That's a stereotype. And do I look like I'm high?
GDS Kid: Whateva! We do lots of hw so you're inferior!
Wilson Kid: Hey guys.
Maret, Sidwell, and GDS Kid: OH SHIT PUBLIC SCHOOL KID *they run away and hide*
Field Kid: Hey, thanks. They need to take a chill pill.
Wilson Kid: So true
by Mr. Obviously Obvious November 08, 2009

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