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This is the phrase you give when you "politely" refuse to donate money to a canser fund, even if it is only 1 dallor...you have to say it with a smile, and laugh alittle, while being serious at the same time to get the full effect.Also, the longer you extend the Nahhh, the better the effect.
"sir, would you like to donate money to the Berkshire Canser Fund?"....(smiles and says) "Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
by Mr. Nathan March 13, 2009
McCanns is a collection point for the horribly unwanted. Students are abnormally depressed, and considered emo by most standards. Girls are likely to either be Bi or lesbian. Males are usually pussies. the hallways have exposed piping, and the lights are extremely dim. Their football team is severly disabled. if you plan on having your child go to this facility, be warned that they will grow up to be failures. And a kid there that is named Jon-luc is a total douche. you should avoid him.oi oi oi
"(sound of students crying)"
"emo breeding ground...McCanns is..."
"lets beat all their asses"
"jon-luc is so sexy"
by Mr. Nathan July 15, 2008
How a female knows when she has started her period. You must bounce up once when you say it, and the quieter the room is when you do it, the better.
"oh man, i gotta change soon..." "but, its only 1:30..." "NOT MY CLOTHS!!!" "wait...but how do you know that you need to change it?" " idk?" "what, is it just like...woop?
by Mr. Nathan March 14, 2009

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