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a girl thats gone out with most guys in your crew, she isn't really a slut because she has long term relationships with these guys. but she's still premiscuous in a sense. think of playing hot potatoe with a group of your friends and she's he potatoe.
X: I heard you broke up with "O", she seeing anyone?
Y: Yeah man we did, I heard she's going out with "Z"!
X: What "Z" our boy "Z", man that chick is such a taiter!
by Mr. Miseree December 20, 2010
Substitute for drunken slurring. Universally accepted answer to any and every possible query. Usually pronounced with vigor and emphasis to accentuate the speakers inebriation.
Q: Why are you dancing on the tables?

A: KAPU Renyaaaaa......
by Mr. Miseree December 20, 2010
a word to describe a large person. must be said with a deep voice to really appriciate its humor!
large person walks past.
X: Umfaddi!
by Mr. Miseree December 20, 2010
a sentence inhancer used in the Eastrand of Johannesburg, South Africa which can be good or bad depending on the situation or circumstance.
these burgers are dank, they'll fill us quick!

dude i jus waked past the alley way around the corner n it smelt freakin dank!
by Mr. Miseree December 20, 2010
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